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Generate your own electricity from the power of the sun. Photovoltaic systems(PV) are made up of electricity producing semi-conductors typically made of crystallaine silicon. An individual panel is called a module. A group of modules is called an array of solar. Solar arrays are designed to off-set a customer’s utility bill. Solar modules produce DC power, which is then converted into AC power by an inverter before being distributed directly into the home by way of the main service panel. Solar is great way to your own generate power on site and reduce your carbon footprint. Saving the planet and your bank account has never been easier.

Energy Efficiency

Power generation is only part of the battle. Reducing the overall energy load allows for greatest impact to the overall utility bill. By airsealing and closing gaps typically found around windows and doors, you can expect an even greater savings.

By using products such as smart thermostats, which have energy saving and predictive artificial intelligence features, you are then able to have a better hold on one of the largest energy consumers related to heating and cooling. In addition, implementing energy monitoring systems at the breaker level give you more control and understanding of how the property is consuming energy overall.


Over the centuries, water intrusion has caused extensive damage and destruction to building structures, performance, esthetics and functionality. The usage of liquid applied coating presents an optimal approach in mitigating the destructive forces of water coming into the buildings from the roof or walls.

Liquid applied coatings can form a continuous air and water-resistive barrier (AWB). Liquid applied coatings can be used for both above and below grade application. Above grade AWB coatings can offer moisture to escape (breathable), while maintaining long-term air and liquid water protection. The direct impact of rain, snow, high humidity, temperature extremes and sun light can be significantly be reduced. Seamless, breathable coatings prevents liquid water and moisture laden air from entering the building while allowing water vapor to escape. Liquid applied coatings can be easily integrated into wall structures as a cost effective drainage plain.


Installing a solar system on your house provides your family with clean renewable electricity generated by the power of the sun. Installing solar panels can significantly increase your property’s value, according to a new study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBL), titled “Selling into the sun: Price premium analysis of a multi-state dataset of solar homes“. Going solar is not just beneficial to the environment its makes financial sense. Take control of your utility bill and reduce your monthly expenses. Homeowners can expect a 30% tax credit from the gross cost of they system should they choose to purchase or finance their system. Stop working for the electric company. Utility costs are projected to increase every year so lock-in your solar rate and call Axion today!


Commercial Properties, multi-family dwellings, and industrial buildings are some of the largest energy consumers in the country. These properties spend tremendous amounts of money to operate their facilities and now finally have an option to produce clean renewable solar electric energy. Improving they way they consume energy helps the environment as well as their bank accounts. We specialize in decreasing operational costs as well as improving cash flow over time.   Being energy conscience is great for the environment and can free up cash to pursue other profitable ventures. As industries and enterprises continue to grow, Axion can help create a comprehensive energy program to complement your company’s carbon footprint reduction strategy. Give us a call and allow us to create a energy reduction package for you.

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