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Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

Electrical bills are some of the expenses that commercial buildings incur in a great way. In some cases, the money spent on electricity is so much that it significantly effects the profits of the business. These properties spend tremendous amounts of money to operate their facilities and now thanks to advances in technology finally have an option to take control of their energy spending. This includes conserving power, reducing energy consumption, and helping reduce the bills spent on power. Below are some of the ways through which you can achieve energy efficiency by working with Axion Building Products.

Check the Building Layout

It’s important to check the building layout of your business. If your commercial building has already been built, you should have a detailed blueprint to review. However, if it is still under construction, it may be best to reexamine it and change its layout to try and conserve energy. For one, you can minimize artificial lighting and make use of natural lighting ways such as use of skylight windows. Such windows will help give enough light to the commercial room without having to use electricity during the day. Additionally, open windows will allow proper circulation of air and thus one will not need air conditioners in the house. On the other hand, you may also use means such as planting shades under the commercial building. They will provide shade in the building, reduce the heating load and even cool the building, which are some of the tasks performed through use of electricity. This way, it will be possible to reduce the electrical bill in a great way.

Change the Technology of Your Lighting

While there are many lighting systems, some of them are more economical than others. In this case, when using a lighting system such as LED lighting, you are likely to conserve more power. Additionally, LED lighting can generates less heat and reduces air conditioning thus reducing maintenance costs. This way, you will end up saving much power and even improve your commercial residence. Here at Axion Building Products we can walk you through your different options when it comes to LED lighting for your specific business or building.

Employ Energy Efficient Office Practices

Changing the energy spending habits in the office is one of the ways through which you can conserve your electricity. One if the first thing that you can do is to train your employees on how to conserve the electricity. Create awareness among them on the importance of conserving electricity and ways through which you can conserve it. You can also introduce other policies such as fines or consequences of misuse of power in the organization. This will help you reduce the power use rate thus saving your business a fortune.

Get an Energy Audit

By working with Axion Building Products to monitor the spending rates of your commercial building, it’s possible to conserve electricity in an efficient way. The use of a comprehensive energy audit is one of the ways through which you can identify where most of your energy is being used. You will help see and also share the information with your employees on how much power is being spent after some time and the areas which lead to most consumption of power. With such information, you will be in a position to see whether or not you need to change the power usage methods or you are on the right track.

Use Automatic Dimmers and Motion Detectors

More often than not, some of the power that is used in commercial buildings is not always necessary. However, through use of motion detectors, it is possible to realize some of these methods and minimize them. The detectors will measure the amount of light in your commercial building and adjust it to ensure that you have only the right amount of light in there.

Check Your Office Equipment

Office equipment used in the commercial building is one of the major electrical expenses in any commercial place. However, it is possible to reduce the power used by such equipment by ensuring that you have the right office equipment. Check on the quality of your computers, printers, scanners, monitors, among others. Although you might find it as if so expensive to purchase new and better quality equipment in your business, doing it will end up saving you money in the long run.   

Consider Renewable Sources of Power

When using renewable sources of electricity, it is possible to conserve some of the power. Some of these renewable sources of electricity are such as use of solar or wind. Such renewable sources of power also help emit power that is free from air and gases that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, consider changing the source of power in your building in an attempt to conserve energy.

Energy costs are some of the most common and significant bills in any commercial building, however, it is possible to become more energy efficient, and save money, via proven techniques and technology. Additionally, by conserving the power, you help preserve the environment. Consider the tips above to see some of the ways through which you can work with Axion Building Products to conserve power in your commercial institution.