Is My Home a Good Candidate for Solar?

Is My Home a Good Candidate for Solar?

Blog Topic: Is My Home a Good Candidate for Solar?

June 15, 2018

Every home is different and the best way to know if your home is a good candidate for solar panel installation is to have an Axion Sales Consultant conduct a free energy audit on your home.

Factors in Determining if Your Home is a Good Candidate for Solar:

  • Roof Layout: Does your roof face north, south, east, or west? South facing roofs are ideal for solar, since they will ensure maximum sun exposure and capture the most amount of sunlight during the sun’s trajectory across the sky. Your home could still be a good candidate for solar even if your roof isn’t oriented to the south. East-facing and west-facing rooftops can also generate a lot of solar energy throughout the day.
  • Shading: There should be little to no shading on the roof between 9am to 3pm where the solar panels are to be installed. The more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power the panels will produce.
  • Home Ownership: Do you own a house or apartment? The best candidates for solar are those who own their house or apartment. To get the maximum return-on-investment from your solar panels, you need to take advantage of federal solar tax credits, which subsidize 30% of your system. But before you go solar, you must ensure that your property is taxable.
  • Energy Consumption: Another factor in deciding if your home is a good candidate for solar panel installation is determining how much energy your home is consuming. By looking at copies of your utility bills, we can learn your home’s energy usage. This will help determine what size system to install to meet your energy needs.
  • Location Climate: Solar energy can be generated in all sorts of extreme climates, from rainy areas such as Seattle, to extremely hot locations such as Texas.
  • Roof Materials: Your roofing materials matter, as slate and clay tile roofs can break during installation. Traditional shingles work great, as do cement tile, wood shake, metal, and tar roofing.
  • Roof Angle: When installing solar panels, roof incline is also important. Anything more than 40 degrees will impede the performance of your solar panels and anything under 15 degrees will prevent your panels from self-cleaning. You can still mount solar panels on a flat roof.  They can either tilt the panels or keep them flat, which will require a little maintenance to keep clear and efficient.

If you have questions or still aren’t sure if your home is a good candidate for solar, an Axion Solar Energy Consultant can visit your home and assess your exact conditions to determine your home’s compatibility with solar. To learn more about using solar energy or to schedule a FREE Energy Audit, contact Axion Building Products Today!

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