Questions To Ask Your Solar Panel Supplier

Questions To Ask Your Solar Panel Supplier

Choosing to go solar can mean you are not only doing your part for the environment but, depending on where you live, you could be potentially saving money as well. Installing solar panels can be a straightforward and effortless process when you use the right company and supplier, but it’s also something entirely new for many people. Therefore, if you are in the market for new solar panels in Arlington, Texas, or the rest of DFW, you are bound to have a lot of questions. Below, we answer some of the more commonly asked ones.


What Size of Solar Panel System Should I Install?

There is no “one size fits all” approach to installing new solar panels. Every family will have different needs, different electricity usage, and a different property size as well. Therefore, what works for your neighbor may not work for you. When you ask your solar panel provider of choice, they will consider many things to come up with an answer: budget, roof size, household size, and whether you’re renting or own your home.

Roof size can dictate how many panels fit on your roof, while your budget can also mean you can afford a smaller system instead of a larger one. What’s more, the more people you have in your house, the bigger system you will require to be able to generate more power. Finally, if you are renting, you may like to be sure of how permanent your tenancy is and, of course, ask for homeowner permission.


How Long Will it Take to Pay My Solar Panel System Off?

As technology, batteries, and solar power improves, the price tag for each gets smaller. Therefore, you will find it takes less time to pay off your solar panel system than it may have done when they first came out. However, like the variances with size, the timeframe for paying it off can also depend on many things.

You will need to factor in the size of the solar panel system you installed, which direction your panels are facing, how much power you use versus how much you export to the power grid, your state’s feed-in tariff (which varies), and how much you paid initially. Talk to your chosen solar panel provider. They can help you to go through the numbers, calculating what you can expect to pay and for how long.


What Could Make Solar Not Suitable For My Home?

Unfortunately, solar power is not suitable for every home. There are also many things which can impact its effectiveness, including your home’s structure and roof, your property’s aspect, your roof’s pitch, and even your state’s feed-in rates.

The most significant thing to consider is your roof. Solar panels can be cumbersome, and if your roof is not as structurally sound as it could be, then you risk putting unnecessary pressure on it, causing damage. Before installing solar panels, have a structural engineer ascertain whether it’s something your roof can handle.

Then, the aspect is important because if your roof doesn’t get much sun, you won’t generate as much power. The best area to install solar panels is on a south-facing roof. You can still get plenty of sunlight with east and west exposure, but if you can aim for the south, you will reap more significant rewards. Your roof’s pitch should also be between 35 and 40 degrees for best effect, as well as having minimal shading if any.


What Maintenance Do Solar Panels Require?

While you don’t need to become an electrician overnight and begin climbing power poles to carry out maintenance, you do need to be aware of any dirt and debris that could be hindering your ability to generate power. Twice a year, clean your panels with soapy water to remove dust, dirt, debris, and anything else that builds up over time.

Axion Building Products Can Help You With All Your Solar Panel Installations

Installing solar panels on your home can transform your power bill and enable you to feel a sense of pride at doing something for the environment. However, given how new they are, it’s okay to ask questions, and Axion Building Products is here to answer them. When the time comes to talk to you solar panel supplier, don’t forget to come armed with a list of things you want to know. Contact us today for more information about how solar power can save you money and the environment at the same time!

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