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Meet Our Team

Kevin Lall


Kevin Lall created Axion Building Products in 2014 to provide equipment for renewable solar power generation products as well as energy efficient upgrades. Since inception Axion has grown significantly in the solar space and has developed new ways to further maximize a buildings energy performance. Mr. Lall a graduate of Dalhousie University located in Halifax, NS, Canada. Mr. Lall has a passion for renewable energy

Belinda Kemper

Marketing and Graphic Designer

 After spending more than a decade creating and maintaining marketing materials for energy efficient building products, Mrs. Kemper has joined the Axion Building Products Team to help promote our solar power generation products as well as our other energy efficiency products and services.

Mike Mclarty

Attorney at Law

Mike Mclarty graduated from the University of Texas Austin in 1969. He then entered the Navy, after which he went to law school at Ole Miss and graduated in 1974. Mike has now been in a private law practice in Arlington, Texas for over 43 years. As such, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his practice, which includes business, commercial, and construction law, as well as litigation. Over the last forty years, there has been significant changes in fuel sources in the United States, and Mike foresees the importance of energy conservation and renewable energy increasing each year in the immediate future and is excited about working with Axion in the solar renewable energy field.

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